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View Job DetailsRepair CIF Building 6564, CSJFTC, Camp Shelby, MS
Selective demolition and renovation to the existing CIF 6564 building to create new storage and office space, and upgrades to existing building systems.
Shafer Zahner Zahner, PLLC
View Job Details | OrderGS# 111-071 ERC Re-Roof MS Center for Education and Research (R&D)
A new 20 Year Bondable Roof System for Universities Center (61,500 sq. ft.), ETV Phase II and III (21,000 sq. ft.), and Power Plant (8,400 sq. ft.) for the ERC. The existing roof(s) are 25 years old and deteriorating causing leaks.
Shafer Zahner Zahner, PLLC09/21/2023
View Job Details | OrderIHL# 201-259 Upgrades & Renovation Poultry Processing Facility & Incinerator Shed Alcorn State University
This project is for a poultry research facility which includes the demolition of an existing materials and equipment in an existing pre-engineered metal building. The scope of the work for the existing includes the replacement of doors, windows, metal roof, and providing new finishes. The scope also includes providing new poultry processing equipment. The project also will include a new open shed which will provide cover for a new incinerator unit and includes a separate area for composting of waste materials created by the research effort. There will be site work which will include concrete work for heavy and medium duty motorized vehicles.
Vernell Barnes Architect, PLLC10/12/2023
View Job Details | OrderWBA Proj #23-017 City of Flowood Library Lighting Replacement
This project consists of the removal and replacement of all existing interior and exterior lighting.
Wier Boerner Allin Architecture10/24/2023
View Job Details | OrderSCSD Raleigh Football Renovation (Re-Bid)
The Project consists of the renovations to the existing Raleigh Football Stadium located in Raleigh, Mississippi as indicated in construction drawings and specifications. Projects include all general construction, civil, mechanical and electrical work per plans and specifications.
Dean Architecture, P.A.10/26/2023
View Job Details | OrderMadison County Schools Tennis Complex
Work includes the Construction of a New Tennis Complex, which includes the following components: 12 new tennis courts, sidewalks, fencing, parking lot, and restroom and concessions building .
Wier Boerner Allin Architecture11/02/2023
View Job Details | OrderSCSD ESSER Package 4 (Re-Bid)
The Project consists of the construction of: Replacement of existing and addition of new HVAC systems in the existing gymnasiums on the school campuses in Raleigh, Mize, and Taylorsville as indicated in construction drawings and specifications. Projects include all general construction, mechanical and electrical work per plans and specifications.
Dean Architecture, P.A.11/02/2023
View Job Details | OrderMCC Renovations and Additions to Todd Hall
The project consists of Renovations to the Lower Level and Exterior of Todd Hall.
Davis Purdy Architects, PLLC11/13/2023
View Job Details | OrderGS# 321-269 Unit 17 Renovations Mississippi State Penitentiary
This project is a general renovation of Unit 17 in the Mississippi State Penitentiary at Parchman, MS. The renovation includes site drainage, grading, and access road repaving. The M/P/E work includes plumbing upgrades, sprinkler system, new electrical services, electric fence upgrades, new lighting, mini-split installation, etc. There are general building repairs, new finishes, painting, and doors/frames/hardware (including detention hardware upgrades).
Shafer Zahner Zahner, PLLC11/30/2023
View Job Details | OrderRankin County School District Security Upgrades Various School Buildings
The Project consists of the furnishing of all labor, materials and equipment to construct, renovate and modify the existing entry areas and vestibules at various campuses as described in the contract documents complete and ready for operation within the time stated and in strict accordance with the construction documents at the following RCSD School Buildings. Brandon High School, Florence Elementary, Florence Middle School, Flowood Elementary, Highland Bluff Elementary, Learning Center, McLaurin Elementary, Northshore Elementary, Oakdale Elementary, Northwest Elementary, Pelahatchie Elementary, Pisgah Elementary, Puckett Elementary, Richland Elementary, Rouse Elementary, Steens Creek Elementary and Stonebridge Elementary.
Dean Architecture, P.A.12/07/2023
View Job Details | OrderGS# 511-114 HQ Improvements (Fire Panel) MS Library Commission
Renovation of the existing Fire Alarm System
Burris/Wagnon Architects, P.A.12/14/2023
View Job Details | OrderProject # 22-083 Owings McQuagge Roof Replacement USM
Complete roof demolition and replacement with a new modified bitumen roofing system.
Wier Boerner Allin Architecture12/20/2023
View Job Details | OrderGS# 108-308 Reed Green Coliseum Roof Replacement University of Southern Mississippi
The project consists of the removal of the existing roof and re-roof of Reed Green Coliseum on the USM campus in Hattiesburg MS. The lower low-sloped roof will be a SBS Modified bitumen Roof and the Dome will be a bronze-colored TPO roofing membrane.
Wier Boerner Allin Architecture01/09/2024
View Job Details | OrderCamp Kamassa-Kitchen/Cafeteria Building and Infirmary Building
The Project consists of the construction of a New Kitchen / Cafeteria Building and a new Infirmary Building located at Camp Kamassa off of Sumrall Road - Crystal Springs, MS per plans and specifications. See plans for delineation of construction limits for Bid Price 1 - Kitchen / Cafeteria Building and Bid Price 2 - Infirmary Building. Project shall be built all at one time with prices for each building shown separately on Schedule of Values and Applications for Payment.
Dean Architecture, P.A.01/23/2024
View Job Details | OrderGS# 209-066 Meridian Community College, Softball & Tennis Complex (Re-Bid)
The Project consists of adding the following types of spaces to a site on the Meridian Community College Campus: new turf Softball Field with Press Box, 2 dugouts, Softball Field House, Batting Building, 8 Tennis Courts, Tennis Field House and Site Parking.
Davis Purdy Architects, PLLC01/23/2024
View Job Details | OrderWine Room Roof Replacement and Parking Lot Addition
Re-roofing of a portion of the existing warehouse facility (“wine room” portion only - approx. ?sf) and adding additional parking spaces along the existing site access drive
Wier Boerner Allin Architecture02/15/2024
View Job Details | OrderCity of Pearl MS Emergency Power Generator Procurement
The Project consists of the supply and delivery of two (2) emergency power
generators to the indicated project sites for installation by the Owner
Wier Boerner Allin Architecture02/15/2024
View Job Details | OrderGS# 101-328 Dormitory Renovations (Re-Bid) ASU
Interior renovation Robinson Hall at Alcorn State University. Project includes renovation of all restrooms in the building as well as a window replacement, minimal exterior work is to be done.
Burris/Wagnon Architects, P.A.02/29/2024
View Job Details | OrderSCSD Raleigh Elementary Re-Roof
The Project consists of the Re-Roofing of the existing Raleigh K5-1st Grade Elementary Building located in Raleigh, Mississippi along with the Re-Roofing of the existing Taylorsville Kitchen located in Taylorsville, Mississippi as indicated in construction drawings and specifications. Projects include all general construction, civil, mechanical and electrical work per plans and specifications. 1. Part A consists of the Re-Roofing of the existing Raleigh K5-1st Grade Elementary Building as indicated in drawings and specifications. 2. Part B consists of the Re-Roofing
Dean Architecture, P.A.04/23/2024
View Job Details | OrderCity of Gluckstadt Police Station & Municipal Court Access Control and Camera Systems
The Project consists of the Hybrid Cloud Based Access Control and Camera Systems for the currently under construction Gluckstadt Police Station and Municipal Court Building located in Gluckstadt, Mississippi as indicated in construction drawings and specifications. Project includes all work per plans and specifications.
Dean Architecture, P.A.04/23/2024
View Job Details | OrderMeridian Community College Sidewalk and Other Pedestrian Improvements
The work shall consist essentially of the following items: Construction of approximately 2,030 LF of concrete sidewalk with landings, decorative benches, decorative handrail, fencing, removal of concrete sidewalk, earthwork, drainage, striping, sodding, lighting and all other related items of work required to complete the project as shown and specified in the Contract Documents.
Engineering Plus, Inc.04/23/2024
View Job Details | OrderFrances W. Davidson Memorial Center For Homelessness Re-Bid
The work generally consists of interior remediation of existing restrooms and associated spaces to provide handicapped accessibility for clients and exterior improvements to provide an accessible route to front door.
Engineering Plus, Inc.05/02/2024
View Job Details | OrderMississippi Valley State University Rice Totten Stadium Turf Replacement
This project includes furnishing all labor, materials, and equipment for the installation of a new artificial turf field at the Rice-Totten football Stadium on the Mississippi Valley State University campus located in Itta Bena, MS.
The Kelly Factory, PLLC05/14/2024
View Job Details | OrderHealth Sciences Complex-(Building Package) HCC
Project consists of construction of a new four story, 188,000 s.f. Health Sciences Complex and associated site work on the Rankin Campus of Hinds Community College as described in the contract documents. Budget estimate is approx.. $58,000,000
Dean Architecture, P.A.05/16/2024
View Job Details | OrderNewton Medical Building
Wier Boerner Allin Architecture05/23/2024
View Job Details | OrderGS# 529-005 Rose Hill Re-Roof, MS Public Broadcasting
This project includes the complete tear off and replacement of the existing roof at the Rose Hill (near Meridian, MS) transmission station for Mississippi Public Broadcasting. This is a small building that is approximately 2,400 square feet in size. This project requires a non-standard modified bitumen system. See the New Roof System Description and the drawings/details for complete information regarding the required system. The contractor shall be responsible for meeting these minimum requirements and adding any additional items as necessary to obtain a 20-year weathertightness warranty from the manufacturer. This roof will not have a typical cap sheet. It will be flood coated with cold applied mastic and have a pea gravel surface.
Shafer Zahner Zahner, PLLC05/28/2024
View Job Details | OrderGS# 217-008 Career-Technical Education Program Expansions MDCC
Project includes selective site demolition and construction of new Career Tech Facility on the existing Greenville Higher Education Campus. The new facility will provide classroom and shop space. Construction includes sitework, steel and cmu building structure, metal roofing and exterior panel finish, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems.
Shafer Zahner Zahner, PLLC05/30/2024
View Job Details | OrderGS# 210-066 Campus Roofing-PH II MDCC
Base Bid: All existing flat EPDM roofing will be replaced as part of the Base Bid. This roofing system will be completely removed down to the deck and replaced with new tapered insulation and 2 ply Modified Bitumen roof and tapered insulation. The base bid also includes the sealing of all of the joints of the metal wall panels. This includes the perimeter joints, joints in the panels and joints between the panels and windows. Alternate 1: This alternate will replace the standing seam metal with new standing seam metal. Alternate 2: The existing EIFS on the south side of the building and under the windows on the lower west, north and east will be repaired/resurfaced.
Shafer Zahner Zahner, PLLC06/04/2024
View Job Details | OrderCity of Madison Fire Station No. 3 Addition and Renovation
The Project consists of the construction of an addition of approximately 1,225 square feet along with minimal renovations to the existing Fire Station 3 located in Madison, Mississippi as indicated in construction drawings and specifications. Project includes all general construction, civil, structural, mechanical and electrical work per plans and specifications.
Dean Architecture, P.A.06/04/2024
View Job Details | OrderModernize the West Point Roof System
Removal of existing roof systems, installation of new engineered metal retrofit roof system over the entire building.
Shafer Zahner Zahner, PLLC06/06/2024
View Job Details | OrderThe Barrington Exterior Refinishing
Project consists of Exterior repair including windows, doors, EIFS, sealants & Paint as well as repair to concrete parking deck and waterproofing.
Purser & Company, PA06/19/2024
View Job Details | OrderMerrehope Roof Replacement
Complete replacement of the main roof at Merrehope, a historic house museum, including the repair of decking and framing and replacement of the roofing systems, built-in gutters and associated flashing and components, plus the repair of exterior wood trim and mouldings and the repair of cement plaster.
WFT Architects, P.A.06/20/2024
View Job Details | OrderMeridian Airport Authority New Terminal
The project consists of the construction of a new commercial terminal for the Meridian Airport Authority located in Meridian, MS. The new terminal will be two stories with an area of approximately 22,000 square feet. The project will include site redevelopment for a new parking lot and loop access road for the new terminal. The project also includes demolition of the existing terminal once the new terminal has been completed and is operational. The project will feature a geothermal HVAC system that includes geothermal wells and a pump house.
Davis Purdy Architects, PLLC06/21/2024
View Job Details | OrderBig Creek Sanitary Sewer Interceptor
The project consists of construction of approximately 2,375 linear feet of 42-inch gravity sewer.
Pickering Firm, Inc.07/01/2024
View Job Details | OrderCity of Madison Liberty Park Renovation (Re-Bid)
The Project consists of the Re-Roofing and Renovations of the existing Liberty Park Concessions and Toilet Building, Scorekeepers Booth, and Dugouts. Project includes 3 Alternates to the job. Project includes all general construction per plans and specifications.
Dean Architecture, P.A.07/09/2024