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Welcome to the Jackson Blueprint Online Plan Room. - Use this page for a 7-day job and addendum watch. Click Public jobs for an alphabetical listing of all public Jobs. Or, click Calendar to view all public jobs by bid date.

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    Job InformationBids In  Bid Date
    Addition to TASC Warehouse, CSJFTC, Camp Shelby, MS
    Duvall Decker Architects, P.A.
    Krystal Lamm
    27 Days     08/15/2024
    City of Madison Liberty Park Renovation (Re-Bid)
    Dean Architecture, P.A.
    Teresa Chapman
    Big Creek Sanitary Sewer Interceptor
    Pickering Firm, Inc.
    Jonathan McLeod
    Merrehope Roof Replacement
    WFT Architects, P.A.
    Lawson Newman
    Meridian Airport Authority New Terminal
    Davis Purdy Architects, PLLC
    John Purdy
    The Barrington Exterior Refinishing
    Purser & Company, PA
    Paul Purser
    Modernize the West Point Roof System
    Shafer Zahner Zahner, PLLC
    Lauren Sims
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