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Emilia Resources Production Area Renovations

PROJECT DESCRIPTION PRODUCTION AREA RENOVATIONS The following is the scope for the referenced project currently being bid. Funding always being an issue, especially in the pandemic times that are currently being observed, the following Work is anticipated as part of the project - depending on funding abilities. Primary focus regardless of the project will be to update and upgrade the existing electrical system to ensure code compliance for Life Safety. See electrical writeup. • • Work for Compliance versus expansion of the existing facility is the primary focus of the project during this phase. All ceilings will be replaced with suspended system utilizing vinyl covered gypsum board to allow for cleaning. Lighting will be replaced with LED fixtures for higher lighting levels throughout the facility. • Work included in the" 1 000" building consists of removing prior floor coatings and subsequent installation of concrete hardener and sealer for a dust and water proof flooring surface in the packaging areas. This flooring system shall be utilized in all other areas except the production suites. Stainless steel base with protective steel at all walls. • Removal of partitions between packaging areas to provide maximum flexibility for packaging lines. Current electrical "drops" will be eliminated utilizing flexible electrical bus system at ceiling. • Existing FRP wall covering will be repaired/replaced in packaging areas. • In Production Areas: • Removal of existing floor coatings and subsequent installation of epoxy floor coatings with integrated cove base. Removal of existing FRP panels and will be replaced with High-Impact Moisture resistant Gypsum Board to provide overhang at base to minimize/eliminate horizontal dust ledges. Wall finish shall be epoxy paint allowing for proper patchinglrepair due to damage or equipment replacement. .:. Floor drains shall be repaired/replaced with heat resistant waste piping and connected to proper oil separator to allow for cooling and settling of heavy product components. • Installation of exhaust system and upgrade of supply system for HV AC to provide for positive pressure to minimize air contamination in conjunction with existing or replacement high-speed door systems. • Renovation of wash area includes replacement of existing FRP on CMU with PVC wall panel system to eliminate panel joints for extended cleanliness.
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