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GS# 522-052 Thompson Lab PHIII State Department of Health

Repairs to envelope on the on the State Health Laboratory Building’s south and east facades, especially at the connection of the curtain wall system to the flanking walls, at the coping along the top of the curtain wall, at the first floor soffit and at the precast concrete cladding around the building entrance. Scope of work includes but is not limited to: removal/ reinstallation of brick veneer, dismantling and reinstallation of curtain wall, removal of precast concrete panels, modifications and repairs to exterior light gauge metal framed walls, repairs to envelope air barrier, sealing of air barrier to curtain wall system and other envelope components, installation of new structural steel framing, installation of new light gauge steel wall and soffit framing, repairs to existing and installation of new exterior sheathing, installation of new fluid applied air barrier, installation of new insulated metal wall panels and uninsulated soffit panels, installation of cement stucco soffit, protection of interior spaces including laboratories, repair of interior finishes and renovations to electrical system.
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