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View Job DetailsGS# 411-121 Generator Upgrades-Nursing Home Division
This project consists of supplying and installing a new 800 KW generator system for the nursing home division of the East Mississippi State Hospital.
Shafer Zahner Zahner08/27/2019
View Job DetailsGS# 320-059 Cell Hardening-Various (Department of Corrections)
Upgrade existing cells by adding steel at the perimeter to eliminate voids in existing construction.
Shafer Zahner Zahner08/29/2019
View Job DetailsJMAA Project No. 001-17 Security Checkpoint Reconfiguration
The scope of work for this project includes the renovation of the second level of the JAN Terminal Building to accommodate additional TSA checkpoint lanes at the East and West Checkpoint areas. The East Checkpoint renovation construction will include the demolition and reconstruction of an existing ticket counter and passenger waiting area. The West Checkpoint renovation construction will include the demolition and reconstruction of a portion of an old restaurant area and existing passenger waiting area. Mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and structural work are included in the scope of work for both areas.
Jackson Municipal Airport Authority08/30/2019
View Job DetailsGS# 383-001 Facility Improvements-PH-1
Renovations and improvements to the parking lot at the former Wright & Ferguson Funeral Home property in downtown Jackson, including but not limited to: demolition, earthwork and grading, replacement and installation of curb and gutter, paving, walks, fencing and gates, storm drainage, sanitary sewer, water, power and lighting, site security system, irrigation system, landscaping and extension of fiber optic network from Woolfolk property.
WFT Architects, P.A.09/05/2019
View Job DetailsPearl High School Multipurpose Building
New 20,754 sf 1-story brick and metal wall panel clad multipurpose gym and classroom building. Structure consists of a rammed aggregate pier and slab-on-grade foundation, cmu bearing walls & steel joist supported mod-bit roof.
Wier Boerner Allin Architecture09/06/2019
View Job DetailsGS# 101-315 Nursing School Reroof (EMER)
Re-roof 40,000 sf on two single-story buildings on Alcorn's Natchez Campus. Base Bid is TPO; Add Alternate is modified bitumen.
Salmon Architect PLLC09/12/2019
View Job DetailsGS# 343-117 Coliseum Seating Replacement
The scope of this project includes demolition of existing fixed seating, repair of existing concrete risers, treads, and landings, application of a new protective traffic coating, and installation of new fixed and removable seating.
Wier Boerner Allin Architecture09/12/2019
View Job Details | OrderPN:19064 SCSD New Softball Facilities for Raleigh High School and Mize Attendance Center
The Project consists of the construction of: Raleigh: New 2-story wood framed concession stand and press box with new men's and women's restrooms. The project also consists of the renovations to the existing concession stand for girls locker room (Alternate #1) along with cleaning, priming, and painting the existing bleachers (Alternate #2). Mize: New single story wood framed girls locker room as an addition to the existing 1st base side dugout. Both projects include all general construction, civil, structural, mechanical and electrical work per plans and specifications.
Dean and Dean/Associates Architects10/21/2019
View Job DetailsNew Tennis Complex-Copiah Lincoln Community College
Base Bid consists of the construction of 6 new tennis courts, including fencing and netting as well as surrounding site pavement and new masonry storage building. Three project alternates include the construction of 2 additional tennis courts as well as new parking lots.
Wier Boerner Allin Architecture10/31/2019
View Job DetailsCity of Pearl Parks and Recreation: Baseball and Softball Fields
The work required under this Contract consists of improvements to the existing Pearl softball and baseball fields. The softball area is comprised of 3 total playing fields and the baseball area is comprised of 8 total playing fields. Such improvements consist of site grading and drainage, vehicular site paving, sidewalk paving, installation of water, sanitary sewer, and irrigation for future connection, site lighting, and fencing. Six baseball infields will receive synthetic turf systems. Architectural features such as new concession buildings, dugouts with bleachers, spectator shade structures, and backstop walls with netting will also be included in this contract.
Pickering Firm, Inc.10/31/2019
View Job DetailsTraceway Park Softball Concession Stand (Re-Bid)
The scope of this project includes construction of a new two story wood construction with masonry veneer concession stand building, as well as some general site concrete paving. An alternate includes the relocation of a main water line
Wier Boerner Allin Architecture11/13/2019
View Job DetailsGS# 525-024 Parking Upgrades Department of Rehabilitation Services
Parking lot improvements to include milling pavement and construction of a new surface course and heavy-duty asphalt paving in areas shown on Drawings. A temporary employee access drive and parking will be constructed during Project.
Burris/Wagnon Architects, P.A.11/14/2019
View Job DetailsMaintenance & Repairs to the Administrative Area North West Street Readiness Center, Jackson, MS
Project consists of all labor, materials and construction for the interior renovation of the Administration Areas of the Northwest Street Readiness Center. This includes Architectural, Mechanical/ HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical work as well as all associated construction as shown on contract documents. Contractor to pull all necessary permits and follow all state, local and National Guard regulations.
Dean and Dean/Associates Architects12/05/2019
View Job DetailsMaintenance and Repairs to the Raymond Road Readiness Center, Jackson, MS
Renovations and repairs to an existing two-story 68,802 SF readiness center on Raymond Road in Jackson, Mississippi. This included cleaning existing brick masonry, precast, and canopy. Brick masonry repointing, new accessible ramps/handrails, restroom renovation, new finishes, doors/hardware, gutters, lighting, and signage.
Duvall Decker Architects, P.A.12/05/2019
View Job DetailsArmy Combat Fitness Training (ACFT) Overhead Cover Regional Training Institute (RTI) Camp Shelby Joint Forces Training Center
Project consists of all labor, materials and construction of a metal building pavilion complete with steel frame, metal roof, concrete slab, site work, Turf and Rubber Flooring, electrical, and all associated construction as shown on contract documents. Contractor to pull all necessary permits and follow all state, local and National Guard regulations.
Dean and Dean/Associates Architects12/18/2019
View Job Details | OrderJMAA PROJECT NO. 004-18C (Re-Bid #2 with changes)
Construction and Related Services In Connection With International Drive Rehabilitation At The Jackson-Medgar Wiley Evers International Airport
Jackson Municipal Airport Authority01/14/2020
View Job DetailsReplacement Facility for Tippah County Hospital
The project consist of a one story Critical Access Hospital replacement facility for Tippah County Hospital in Ripley, MS built adjacent to the current hospital and nursing home. The facility is a 63,620 square foot, steel frame structure with slab on grade foundation. The exterior envelope consists of a combination of brick veneer and concealed metal panel system along with aluminum storefront and curtain wall systems. The estimated construction cost is $19,000,000.
Dean and Dean/Associates Architects01/14/2020
View Job Details | OrderGS# 511-114 HQ Improvements Mississippi Library Commission
Repair of certain areas on existing coal tar roof. Work will include, but is not limited to, reflashing roof elements, adding walkpads as denoted, repair of existing building control joint, and concrete & stone cleaning.
Burris/Wagnon Architects, P.A.01/14/2020
View Job Details | OrderGS# 358-054 Rotunda Renovations (Elevator Improvements & Fire Alarm Upgrades)
The project includes the replacement and/ or refurbishment of the machine, controls and other components of the self-service passenger elevator and the replacement of the existing fire alarm system at the Mississippi State Capitol. Restoration and/ or alteration of historic finishes and elements related to the elevator and fire alarm work forms a significant aspect of this scope of work. The Mississippi State Capitol is a National Historic Landmark. This Request for Contractor Prequalifications is intended to ensure that the General Contractor and Subcontractors performing the work possess the extraordinary knowledge and skill required to successfully work with the historic materials and elements found in this important building.
WFT Architects, P.A.01/15/2020
View Job Details | OrderJMAA Project No. 001-20 The FAA Building Roof Replacement Project at the Jackson-Medgar Wiley Evers International Airport
The roof replacement of the existing FAA building which includes selective demolition, waterproofing, roofing insulation, single-ply membrane roofing, and standing seam metal roofing. It also includes limited mechanical and electrical work to disconnect HVAC RTUs, lift them above the roof, and after flashing installation, to reset and reconnect them.
Jackson Municipal Airport Authority02/14/2020
View Job Details | OrderFootball Field Scoreboard Replacement-Copiah Lincoln Community College
The project consists of the installation of a new video scoreboard to be installed adjacent to the existing football field.
Wier Boerner Allin Architecture02/20/2020
View Job Details | OrderNew Fire Station #20, 4445 Medgar Evers, Jackson, MS 39213
A new replacement fire station project includes demolition of the existing station. The fire station is a single-story masonry and steel fully sprinkled 8,153 square foot facility. It includes metal wall panels, aluminum storefront, insulated translucent walls, pre-engineered canopies and sloped modified bitumen roofs. The facility houses emergency response vehicles, their crews and their equipment. The facility also includes a permanent generator which provides back-up power for the entire building.
View Job Details | Order2020 Career_Technical Building Renovations (Greenfield Road)
Project consist of renovations to the existing welding shop area including hvac exhaust system replacement, lighting upgrades and painting. Exterior work to include concrete sidewalk work and the addition of an aluminum canopy over rear storage area. Estimated cost of construction $300,000.
Dean and Dean/Associates Architects02/27/2020
View Job Details | OrderGS# 202-078 Diesel Mechanic Shop-Copiah Lincoln Community College
4,250 sf metal-building addition to Co-Lin Natchez Campus career tech shop wing. Includes sitework, two-bay garage for heavy equipment, a single office, corridor and storage, limited Div 9, and M, E, P.
Salmon Architect PLLC03/05/2020
View Job Details | OrderGS# 350-023 New Jefferson Lot
Construction of new parking lot, to be constructed in 2 phases. Project also includes fencing, gates w/card readers, lighting, etc. A new retaining wall will also be constructed.
Burris/Wagnon Architects, P.A.03/17/2020
View Job Details | OrderGS# 323-016 Water & Wastewater Improvements-South MS Correctional Institute
The South Mississippi Correctional Institute (SMSCI) has two wastewater sludge lagoons that have been used for the past 24 years for sludge management. It is estimated that up to 331 dry tons of sludge is present in the lagoons. This project will remove the sludge, dewater the sludge and haul the dewatered sludge to a Subtitle D Landfill for disposal. In general, the project will include:Regrading and gravel resurfacing approximately 1378 feet of an existing haul road. Construction of approximately 1600 feet of new gravel haul road Installation of two 15” diameter RCP culverts and one 48” diameter culvert Dredging sludge from the two wastewater sludge lagoons Providing mechanical dewatering of the sludge. Mechanical sludge dewatering facilities will be provided by the Contractor and removed from the site at completion.Transportation and disposal of the dewatered sludge at a Subtitle D Landfill Providing all power and pumps needed to operate the sludge dewatering equipment Installing stormwater BMPs and Stormwater Management during construction Project Management and Project Scheduling Complying with all safety and security requirements of the Mississippi Department of Corrections.
Mid-South Consulting, Inc.03/17/2020
View Job Details | OrderDean Aircraft Service Hangar Additions & Alterations
The Work consists of new construction of a 70,000 sf addition to the existing hangar and office building for Dean Aircraft Service located in Meridin, MS. 30,000 sf is a Pre-Engineered Metal Building (PEMB) hangar and the remaining 40,000 sf is a three level facility with hangar shops, service areas, and support space on the ground floor. Offices and other business functions are located on the second floor and the third floor is designed for future expansion. The building structure is structural steel framing with concrete on metal deck floors. The exterior building envelope consists of the following building materials: metal panel, aluminum curtain wall, and brick veneer. The roof for the hangar and office structure is standing seam metal. Site work includes new parking and a concrete aircraft apron. There are also minor modifications/alterations to the existing office building.
Davis Purdy Architects, PLLC03/19/2020
View Job Details | OrderProject #1902 Jackson Housing Authority Midtown Housing Repairs
Repairs to porches and steps for the Jackson Housing Authority's Midtown Houses. Includes: selective demolition, wood framing, cementitious deck, demolition, and steel guardrails.
Duvall Decker Architects, P.A.03/26/2020
View Job Details | OrderGS# 102-267 Campus Roofing (Package B) Delta State University
Re-roof of various existing buildings on the Delta State University Campus.
Burris/Wagnon Architects, P.A.03/26/2020
View Job Details | OrderGS# 354-050 Tenant Improvement-DMH (Eighth and Ninth Floors) Robert E. Lee Building
Renovation of the 8th and 9th floors of the Robert E. Lee building in downtown Jackson, MS. Work includes, but is not limited to, demolition of existing interior walls, construction of new gyp. bd. interior walls and glass entrances, mechanical/electrical work, plaster repair on existing walls, painting, etc. Other floors will be occupied during construction. Alternate adds to work renovation of existing 8th and 9th floor restrooms.
Burris/Wagnon Architects, P.A.04/07/2020
View Job Details | OrderGS# 379-002 Naval Reserve Barrack Re-Roof-PH III
Re-roof of existing Naval Reserve Building in Jackson, MS. Work will also include installation of fall protection system and interior asbestos abatement.
Burris/Wagnon Architects, P.A.04/09/2020
View Job Details | OrderMadison Central High School Football Field Turf and Track Replacement
Madison Central High School Football Field Turf Replacement.
Wier Boerner Allin Architecture04/14/2020
View Job Details | OrderGS# 210-068 New Administration Building Mississippi Delta Community College
Fire damage repairs, renovations, and addition to existing Stauffer-Wood Administration Building at Mississippi Delta Community College. Includes abatement of asbestos material, complete interior renovation to include interior finishes and systems, additions to include load bearing CMU and steel frame construction with brick veneer, replacement of roof system and windows, and site improvements.
Shafer Zahner Zahner04/16/2020
View Job Details | OrderACFT Overhead Cover and S271 Latrine Camp McCain Training Center
Project consists of all labor, materials and construction of a metal building pavilion complete with steel frame, metal roof, concrete slab, site work, Turf and Rubber Flooring, electrical, and all associated construction as shown on contract documents (Volume 1 ) and Renovation of the adjacent S271 Latrine Building as shown on contract documents ( Volume 2 ) to increase the size and quantity of the toilet facilities in the open air building. Contractor to pull all necessary permits and follow all state, local and National Guard regulations.
Dean and Dean/Associates Architects04/30/2020