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View Job DetailsJackson-Hinds Comprehensive Health Center
Project consists of a new 5,500 sf premanufactured metal building, including sitework and paving. There are two Add Alternates. Add Alternate #1: Add pedestrian canopy per contract documents. Add Alternate #2: Add HVAC unit per contract documents
Dean and Dean/Associates Architects10/12/2017
Project Scope of work consists of the removal of all ACM’s, selective interior demolition, selective masonry demolition, repair, and repointing, replacement of existing roof structure, and new membrane roofing system.
View Job DetailsAlcorn County School District Repairs and Renovations
The projects consists of selective demolition and construction of new HVAC equipment and associated work as specified in the Contract Documents provided by Shafer Zahner Zahner, Office of Architecture.
Shafer Zahner Zahner10/19/2017
View Job DetailsUMMC #2203914 UP Belhaven Re-Roof
Work includes removal of existing ballasted single-ply roof membrane and insulation down to concrete deck, replacement with 3-Ply Modified Bitumen Roof System on tapered insulation. Parapets of thirty inches in height are present around ninety percent of the perimeter. The project consist of approximately 11,150 S.F. of roof area not including parapets.
Dean and Dean/Associates Architects10/24/2017
View Job DetailsUMMC #2222778 UP Belhaven EIFS Repairs
Work includes patching and resurfacing of the existing exterior insulation finish system. The project consist of approximately 6,500 S.F. of surface area
Dean and Dean/Associates Architects10/24/2017
View Job DetailsGS#411-119 Parking Lot Improvements
Project work includes construction improvements to an existing gravel lot to include asphalt paving (approx. 24,400 sq.ft.), curb, drainage, earthwork and exterior lighting at the Bradley Sanders Bldg, East MS State Hospital, Meridian, MS.
Engineering Plus, Inc.10/24/2017
View Job DetailsGS#411-420 Repair and Renovation-Various East Mississippi State Hospital
Renovation and repairs such as re-roofing the admin building, replacement of existing card access hardware for the Bradley Sanders Adolescent Complex, renovation of elevators for code compliance, provide for a new generator, supply and install back up chiller, and floor replacement to various buildings of East MS State Hospital
Shafer & Associates, PLLC10/26/2017
View Job DetailsRankin Trails Amphitheater & Baseball Park-Kitchen Equipment Package
Work includes providing and installing kitchen and concessions equipment for Brandon Amphitheater and Ballpark at The Quarry, located on Boyce Thompson Drive, in Brandon, MS.
Wier Boerner Allin Architecture10/26/2017
View Job DetailsIngomar Attendance Center New Roof
The Project consists of re-roofing the indicated areas of Ingomar Attendance Center for the Union County School District as specified in the Contract Documents prepared by Shafer Zahner Zahner, Office of Architecture.
Shafer Zahner Zahner10/26/2017
View Job Details | OrderGS#202-075 Callender Hall Roof and Repairs
GS #202-075 Callender Hall: Project Scope is removal of current metal building roof and re-roof with architectural shingle roof; repoint damaged mortar where required; replace deteriorated ground floor windows with historically-accurate aluminum windows to match the adjacent Ellzey Hall envelope renovation (completed 2016) on the Copiah-Lincoln Community College Campus in Wesson, Mississippi.
Burris/Wagnon Architects, P.A.11/02/2017
View Job Details | OrderVicksburg Interpretive Center/Catfish Row Museum
Project Scope of work consists of the removal of limited ACM, selective interior and exterior demolition, masonry repair and repointing, structural repairs, gypsum board/metal stud walls, storefront systems, single-ply membrane roofing, and plumbing, mechanical, and electrical systems including power, water, sewer, and communications service to existing structure
View Job Details | OrderVicksburg City Auditorium Mechanical Renovations
The project includes replacement of two (2) existing air handling units, four (4) fan coil units, a hot water boiler, HVAC pumps, controls and miscellaneous modifications to HVAC piping, insulation, electrical and accessories
Engineering Resource Group, Inc.11/09/2017
View Job Details | Order17017 Marshall County Justice Court Facility
The work required under this contract consists of the construction of a new Justice Court Building of approximately 8100 square feet. The work shall consist of a metal building frame with exterior finish system or metal siding over exterior metal stud and sheathing wall framing. The front entry shall utilize decorative concrete block veneer over exterior metal stud and sheathing wall framing. Roofing shall be metal roofing furnished with metal building frame. Interior work shall consist of drywall construction, carpet, ceramic tile or resilient tile flooring and lay in acoustical tile ceilings. Mechanical work shall consist of ground mounted package air conditioning units that are ducted into the building. Plumbing is standard construction run to 5’-0” beyond the building perimeter. Electrical work is standard electrical power and communications. Site work shall include all paving, sidewalks, underground utilities from 5’-0” outside the building to tie in to city services
Dean and Dean/Associates Architects11/20/2017
View Job Details | OrderUMMC #2103203 Pediatric Pharmacy Renovation
Project scope includes the interior fit out of an existing storage space into a new pediatric pharmacy. The new pharmacy space will include a clean room suite for compounding pharmaceuticals that includes a sterile prep lab and anteroom under the Base Bid and an additional hazardous sterile prep lab under Add Alternate #1. The clean room is required to meet the latest USP 797 standards for clean room design and operation. Base Bid includes a pharmacy entry vestibule; a large area for order entry, pharmacy picking, IV prep, topicals, and storage; and the basic clean room suite. Add Alternate #1 includes enlarges the picking area and adds a storage area, sharps disposal room, break area, and the additional clean room hazardous sterile prep lab. Also, included with the scope of the project is the addition of a large rooftop mechanical unit dedicated to the pharmacy space and the extension of the existing hospital pneumatic tube system to include the new pharmacy space. Interior fit out includes, but not limited to, the new clean room suite, wall partitions, doors and frames, finishes, pharmacy casework and equipment, plumbing fixtures and piping, electrical, mechanical, fire suppression, and pneumatic tube system.
Foil Wyatt Architects & Planners PLLC12/05/2017
ASU Agriculture Extension Building Roof Replacement: Project scope includes the removal of existing mod. bit. roof and internal gutter, and replacement with new mod bit system. Existing standing seam metal roof is to remain, with a new standing seam metal roof to go over existing. Internal gutter around the perimeter of the building to be removed and install new hung gutter and downspouts. New crickets to be constructed where indicated on drawings. Building to remain fully occupied during construction.
Burris/Wagnon Architects, P.A.12/12/2017
View Job Details | OrderGS#345-015 Building Replacements (EMER) Phase 1-REBID MS Ag & Forestry Museum
Project includes the complete reconstruction of a woodworking/auto workshop and associated pole barns on the campus of the Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Museum. The base bid of the bidding documents shows these reconstructions as replacement buildings modeled after the original structures lost in a recent fire. The alternates includes a reconfigured scheme with two separate structures.
Wier Boerner Allin Architecture12/19/2017
The project consists of HVAC, plumbing and electrical work, interior partition framing and other carpentry, limited demolition and salvage work, and minor finish work. The work is located in a historic high school building on an unused third floor.
Belinda Stewart Architects, PA12/19/2017
View Job Details | OrderBrandon Amphitheater Audio Visual Package
Work includes providing and installing audio visual equipment for Brandon Amphitheater, located on Boyce Thompson Drive, in Brandon, MS.
Wier Boerner Allin Architecture12/27/2017