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View Job DetailsConstruction of New Warehouse Facility for Emilia Resources
Scope of work includes approximately 18,800 sq. ft. of new warehouse space and approximately 2,000 sq. ft. of attached office space. Warehouse will be a pre-engineered metal building with standing-seam roof, metal siding, over-head doors, HVAC, electrical and sprinkler systems included. Office space will be metal stud construction with standing-seam metal roof, gypsum board painted walls, HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems included. Site work will include demolition of existing pavement and truck dock; new recessed truck dock; new concrete pavement; utility connections and minor site grading.
Engineering Plus, Inc.01/11/2019
View Job DetailsGS# 320-055 Roof Repairs Wilkinson CCF (Re-Bid)
The Wilkinson CCF Roof Repair project is primarily a roofing project. The existing roofing is to be removed and a new modified bitumen roof system is to be installed over new insulation. There is some incidental mechanical and electrical work. Some site work gravel road, fencing, etc. is also to be performed.
Shafer & Associates, PLLC01/24/2019
View Job DetailsGS# 108-287 McCain Library Envelope Repairs
McCain description: Exterior envelope and associated waterproofing system demolition, repair and replacement; includes all associated site work, replacement of structural concrete ramp, masonry veneer, pedestrian plazas, and entrance systems.
Shafer Zahner Zahner02/12/2019
View Job DetailsGS# 350-022 Hail Damage (TRAILWAYS REPAIRS)
The Trailways project includes but not limited to the replacement of exit door and frames, the installation of a new overhead coiling door, and the installation of a new louver and exhaust fan. Associated work includes but not limited to the partial wall demolition and structural support for a new overhead coiling door, the demolition of existing door and frames, and electrical work associated with the ventilation fan and new exit signage.
Shafer Zahner Zahner02/12/2019
View Job Details1719 Construct Administrative and Supply Building (Scope A) and 1720 Construct Organizational Parking (Scope B)
Scope A (Volume 1 of 2): Construct New Administration and Supply Building Scope A of the project consists of a new one story 4,989 sf administrative and supply building at the Canton, MS Readiness Center, to contain two classrooms, offices, unit storage space, restrooms, mechanical and electrical spaces and systems. The building structural system consists of a slab on grade foundation with integral gradebeams on structural fill, and steel frame. The scope also includes exterior walls of standing seam and corrugated metal panel walls over continuous insulation and architectural concrete, with aluminum storefront windows and doors as well as hollow metal doors and frames. The roof is standing seam over continuous insulation. Interior walls include concrete masonry and metal stud with painted gypsum board. Flooring includes polished concrete, ceramic tile, and tile carpeting. Scope B (Volume 2 of 2): Construct Organizational Parking Scope B of the project consists of 14,980 sf of new heavy duty concrete paving on fill, structural fill pad for Scope A building, new site lighting, fencing and gates, new sidewalks/curb ramp at existing ADA parking, and a new concrete dumpster pad. Add alternates (3 total) add additional asphalt parking and sidewalk for personnel vehicles.
Duvall Decker Architects, P.A.02/14/2019
View Job DetailsUMC# 2235178 Replace Gate Controls
Project encompasses procurement and installation of three Pay-on-Foot Parking Ticket Dispensers at various location of the University of Mississippi Medical Center Campus in Jackson, Mississippi.
Dean and Dean/Associates Architects02/28/2019
View Job DetailsParking Lot Improvements South of the Proposed (MCITT) MS# 50845
General Description: This project consists of removal of existing paving, storm, curb and gutter followed by site grading, paving, curb and gutter, storm inlets and pipes, and utility services for a proposed parking lot (approximately 2 acres) located south of the old MS Hardware Building at 1622 Washington Street in Vicksburg, MS
Pickering Firm, Inc.03/08/2019
View Job DetailsGS# 108-285 Cook Library Renovation (Phase 1)
The scope of work associated with phase 1 of the renovation of the Joseph Cook Memorial Library at the Univ. of Southern Mississippi is demolition of the existing roof down to the concrete deck and installation of a new 2ply mod bit roof system, demolition within the 2nd floor to prepare for the construction of the Jeff Bower Academic Center, and updates to the existing building infrastructure.
Wier Boerner Allin Architecture03/12/2019
View Job Details | OrderGS# 103-286 Stewart Hall Renovation Jackson State University
Renovation of 5 story Men's Dormitory.
Foil Wyatt Architects & Planners PLLC03/21/2019
View Job Details | OrderGS# 321-259 Water & Wastewater Improvements (Re-Bid)
The Scope of this project is the rehabilitation of two existing wastewater pump stations and the rehabilitation of the Potable Water System well and tank controls.
Pickering Firm, Inc.03/26/2019
View Job Details | OrderRenovation of Old U.S. Motors Facility for East Central Community College
Renovation of existing US Motors facility in Philadelphia, Mississippi for use by East Central Community College Diesel Mechanic Technology program.
Singleton Architects, P.A.03/28/2019
View Job Details | OrderFootball Field Improvements-Copiah Lincoln Community College
Installation of a new field turf surfacing system, associated equipment, and a new drainage system.
Wier Boerner Allin Architecture03/28/2019
View Job Details | OrderGS# 203-059 Campus Wide Parking Lot Construction (Rebid) ECCC
General Description: This project consists of site grading, paving, sidewalks, and utility services for four proposed parking lots (approximately 3 acres) located on the East Central Community College Campus in Decatur, MS.
Pickering Firm, Inc.04/02/2019
View Job Details | OrderPearl High School Football Field Replacement
Replacement of artificial turf field for the High School Football Program. See drawings
Wier Boerner Allin Architecture04/04/2019
View Job Details | OrderGS#352-046 Firing Range Improvements For Law Enforcement Officers Training Academy
Firing Range Improvements at the Law Enforcement Officers Training Academy will include site work (including, but not limited to, leveling old berms, creating new berms, sod, drainage) and the construction of target conc. trench and conc. walks. Alternate includes electrical work.
Burris/Wagnon Architects, P.A.04/04/2019
View Job Details | OrderGS# 102-267 Campus Roofing Delta State University
Removal of existing roof as noted in drawings and installation of new coal tar b.u.r. system on existing steel deck on Facilities Building; removal of existing roof as noted in drawings and installation of new architectural shingle roof on existing wood deck on Fielding L. Wright Art Building. Existing roof accessories and equipment will be reused unless noted otherwise.
Burris/Wagnon Architects, P.A.04/11/2019
View Job Details | OrderJMAA Project NO. 005-18C 5TH. Floor & West Concourse Roof Replacement At The Jackson-Medgar Wiley Evers International Airport
Work Includes, but is not limited to, the following: 1. Inspection observations of existing roof system. (See plans for all roof types) a. Typical Roof Section: 1) Existing Deck (Metal) 2) FiberBoard 3) Isoboard Insulation 4) Fully Adhered Membrane Roofing System
Jackson Municipal Airport Authority04/11/2019
View Job Details | OrderGS#101-312 Agriculture Extension Building Interior Improvements at Alcorn State University
Base bid will include demolition and installation of new surfaces, fixtures, and accessories in 4 public restrooms and 2 smaller restrooms at the Agriculture Extension Building on Alcorn State University's campus. Alternates include new floor coverings in building, and renovation of an existing stairwell.
Burris/Wagnon Architects, P.A.04/18/2019
View Job Details | OrderProject #412-186 Building 55 Renovations
Work shall consist of the renovation of an existing masonry warehouse, to include concrete, masonry, steel, mechanical, electrical, and other construction. Exterior work consists of sitework, masonry and window restoration, and roof modifications.
Burris/Wagnon Architects, P.A.04/18/2019
View Job Details | OrderGS# 201-055 New Administration Building (Storefront Renovation-Rebid)
The project consist of removal of several storefront / window sections on the second floor and terrace area of the Admin building with replacement with new aluminum storefront and glass. Interior work consist of removal and replacement of gyp. bd. walls and trim adjacent to replaced windows with new finishes, such as painting, ceiling tile work and carpet as part of this renovation project.
Dean and Dean/Associates Architects05/02/2019
View Job DetailsUMC #19GS102 Maintenance Shop Roof Replacement
Project consist of the replacement of approximately 12,500 square feet of roof area on the campus of the University of Mississippi Medical Center, Jackson, Mississippi.
Dean and Dean/Associates Architects05/07/2019
View Job Details | OrderJMAA Project No. 004-18C
Construction and Related Services In Connection With International Drive Rehabilitation At The Jackson-Medgar Wiley Evers International Airport
Jackson Municipal Airport Authority05/21/2019