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View Job DetailsRe-Roof Natchez Academic Center
Work includes replacement of 43 RTUs and curbs on a one-story academic building, replacement of existing ballasted EPDM roof with TPO or modified bitumen membrane and replacement of parapet EPDM with roofing membrane and metal panels. Roof area is 58,500 sf +/-. Parapets range from 8” to 8’; total parapet area is 9,000 sf +/-.
Salmon Architect PLLC10/25/2016
View Job DetailsKinloch Gill Center Generator
Project consists of the addition of an emergency generator to existing facility.
Beard + Riser Architects PLLC01/05/2017
View Job DetailsPelahatchie FEMA 361 Community Safe Room
Construction of a new FEMA safe room.
Singleton Architects, P.A.01/06/2017
View Job DetailsGS# 106-257 Edna Horton Renovation MVSU
The Edna Horton Renovation includes repair and total replacement of the exterior envelope, including all exterior walls, window system, and roof, as well as full asbestos abatement and finish replacement throughout the building. The scope of the project also includes upgrade and replacement of all building mechanical and electrical systems, and addition of a fire protection system
Shafer Zahner Zahner04/20/2017
View Job DetailsGS# 371-147 421 W. Pascagoula Renovations Department of Finance and Administration
The demolition and reconstruction of the existing toilets on the first and second floor of the facility, including all required modifications to the existing plumbing system, plumbing fixtures, electrical lighting system, dry wall construction, new finishes, new acoustical tile ceiling system, toilet accessories, wood doors, hollow metal frames and hardware. Minor demolition and renovations of one private toilet on the second floor, including all required modifications/repairs to the existing pluming system, plumbing fixtures, new finishes and toilet accessories. The demolition of existing finish flooring and installation of new hard tile flooring to the main corridor of the building core on the second floor. The demolition of existing finish flooring and installation of new carpet tile in Main Records Vault. The removal of all existing sealant around the perimeters of all existing exterior doors and window. The re-sealing of the frame perimeters of all these openings. Along with this, a full examination of the building perimeter, from finish grade to roof coping, to find any and all cracks in the masonry veneer. Provide for the install of exterior sealant into all cracks and crevices found in the masonry skin.
Dean and Dean/Associates Architects06/08/2017
View Job DetailsWRUA 2016 Interceptor Rehabilitation Contract 2
The work required under this Contract consists of the rehabilitation of approximately 10,000 linear feet of existing 36-inch and 42-inch wastewater interceptor by the method of slip-lining and the rehabilitation of approximately 5,000 linear feet of existing 12-inch through 42-inch wastewater interceptor by method of cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP). The work also includes the rehabilitation of existing manholes
Pickering Firm, Inc.06/08/2017
View Job Details | OrderRenovation of Consuella Carter Music Hall Coahoma Community College
Renovation and repair work to Consuella Carter Music Building, including but not limited to toilet room renovations, door and hardware replacement, window replacement, light fixture and ceiling upgrades, and interior painting
Shafer Zahner Zahner06/15/2017
View Job Details | OrderDHA Childcare Repairs and Office Improvements-Bid Package #3
Repairs to two (2) existing childcare facilities, including selective demolition, site concrete, accessibility ramps, and selective interior repairs.
Beard + Riser Architects PLLC06/15/2017
View Job Details | OrderProject #2016-003 Roof Membrane Replacement-Eunice D. Powell Hall
The Eunice D. Powell Hall Roof Membrane Replacement project consist of the complete removal of the existing roof membrane and insulation. The new work will include installation of new rigid insulation with a new modified bitumen roof membrane for approximately 12,000 GSF +/- of area.
Vernell Barnes, Architect06/15/2017
View Job Details | OrderGS# 102-262 Young-Mauldin Renovation Delta State University
Project Scope is a complete renovation to the 1965 dining hall at Delta State University. Exterior work includes site improvements such as new approaches, plaza areas and drainage structures; also included will be envelope work to the building, including a new roof system, and new interior courtyards. Interior work includes demolition of most existing walls/systems/finishes, limited work to the structural frame, new HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems; new finishes throughout and all new food service equipment.
Burris/Wagnon Architects, P.A.07/13/2017
In general, the project consists of approximately 1275 linear feet with alternates totaling an additional 1480 linear feet of vinyl sheet pile installation in front of existing steel sheet pile wall, installation of timber wale and soil anchoring system, backfill and compaction of voids, removal/replacement of concrete sidewalk, and site restoration. Alternates may be awarded in whole or in part at the discretion of the OWNER.
Pickering Firm, Inc.07/13/2017
View Job Details | OrderMaintenance and Repair to Building S-213 (Redesign), Camp McCain Training Center
BASE BID: 1. Remove existing roof enclosure of existing building and replace with standing seam metal roofing system. 2. Replace mechanical system in existing building. 3. Replace existing ceiling tiles. 4. Replace existing light fixtures. 5. Update women's shower to be ADA accessible. 6. Update men's shower to be ADA accessible. 7. Update interiors as shown and described in contract documents. 8. Install fire protection system as shown and described in contract document 9. Update break room to be ADA compliant. 10. Install fire protection system. 11. All other items as shown and described in contract documents. ADDITIVE ALTERNATE NO. 1: ADD all labor, materials, overhead and profit necessary to complete the following items: Remove and Replace the existing HVAC Systems. Remove and Replace the Acoustical Tile Ceilings in locations denoted herein. Include all mechanical and electrical work as described in the Contract Documents ADDITIVE ALTERNATE NO. 2: ADD all labor, materials, overhead and profit necessary to complete the following items: Repair and Renovate Existing Light Fixtures in locations denoted herein and as described in the Contract Documents. ADDITIVE ALTERNATE NO. 3: ADD all labor, materials, overhead and profit necessary to complete the following items: Prepare and Paint the Building Exterior and Site Elements in locations denoted herein and as described in the Contract Documents. ADDITIVE ALTERNATE NO. 4: ADD all labor, materials, overhead and profit necessary to complete the following items: Remove and Replace Existing Light Fixtures with New LED Light Fixtures including all electrical work in locations denoted herein and as described in the Contract Documents.
Duvall Decker Architects, P.A.08/24/2017
View Job Details | OrderMaintenance and Repair to Columbus Readiness Center
Primary Scope of work includes select renovations and repairs to an existing building including, but not limited to window replacement, misc. door repairs/replacement, select interior finish upgrades, new mechanical systems, new LED lighting, new fire alarm and mass notification
Beard + Riser Architects PLLC08/30/2017
View Job Details | OrderTown of Pelahatchie, MS Police & Court Services Renovation & Expansion
This project consists of a base bid that’s primary scope is the renovation of existing buildings including but not limited to Brick tuck pointing, Windows, Doors, painting, Canopy, Signage & Roof. The scope also includes the Exterior Shell renovation, Interior Demolition, and all structural items including but not limited to roof repairs, block holding cell, brick wall opening and asbestos abatement. The Add Alternate #1 is the complete build-out of the buildings including architectural, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical. The Add Alternate #2 is a new 45kW generator.
J Scott Williams Architecture, PLLC09/12/2017