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P.N. 28170358 Vicksburg Indoor Firing Range Remediation Project

Project consists of interior demolition of indoor firing range equipment including bullet trap, steel and wood bullet deflectors and firing line panels and partitions in a portion of the existing National Guard Armory. Removal of target rails and motors as well as removal of existing lighting within firing range room. New construction consists of concrete floor patching and sealing, sealing of concrete block walls, new LED lighting and installation of a new fire sprinkler system in the space to convert its use to a storage facility.
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Contact:   Teresa Chapman
PreBid Date:   04/05/2018 10:00 AM CST
PreBid Info:   Meeting held at the Vicksburg Readiness Center, 1364 Armory Rd, Vicksburg, MS

Company:   Dean and Dean/Associates Architects
Bid Date:   04/19/2018 01:30 PM CST
Bid Info:  

Project Location: Vicksburg, MS

Public Notes:
Sealed bids will be received by the Adjutant General, State of Mississippi, in the office of the
Adjutant General, 1410 Riverside Drive, Jackson, Mississippi, 39202-1271. Electronic Bids may
Be received via MAGIC portal but the preferred method for the MS Military Department is
Physical Receipt.

UNTIL: 1:30 P.M. April 19, 2018

FOR:    Vicksburg Indoor Firing Range Remediation Project, Vicksburg Readiness Center
and there be publicly opened and read.

Bidders shall be advised that in accordance with the Mississippi Code, the Military Department
has Forty-Five (45) calendar days to deliver a warrant to the vendor from the date an application
for payment is determined to be due and payable under the terms and conditions of the contract,

The Adjutant General reserves the right to reject and and/or all bids to waive informalities.
Award of the contract is subject to availability of funds. Bids will be held open for 60 days from bid

     State Contract Officer, Chief


     Major General, Mississippi National Guard
     The Adjutant General of Mississippi

PUBLISH: March 15 & 22, 2018

Job Purchase Information:

Deposit affords planholder one printed document set which includes a free download of the complete set. Send $200.00 deposit check to Dean and Dean Associates Architects, 4400 Old Canton Road, Suite 200, Jackson, MS 39211 and place order for sets through Jackson Blueprint Online Planroom. Deposits are refundable upon return of documents in good condition by 04/30/18 to Dean and Dean Architects

Payment must only be made using a deposit check and cannot be paid for with a credit card.

Documents will be delivered/shipped only upon receipt of check; expedite process by sending an electronic copy of deposit check to Email: Orders will be delivered/shipped within 1-2 business days of deposit receipt. Deposits are required from all bidders.


Existing planholders will be notified by email upon the release of any addendum. Failure to order bid sets through Jackson Blueprint and not being on the planholders list may prevent you from being notified of issued addenda. Printed copies of addendum will be available as part of your bid package upon request by contacting Jackson Blueprint.

Addenda notifications are sent via email from the mail account of “” and could be flagged as spam by your company network firewall. To prevent not receiving timely notification of these addenda, please contact your company Information Technology Manager and ask that he “white list” the domain of to prevent emails from being captured.